Rashid MohammedWelcome to the ARMFA East Africa Focal Group website

It is with the paramount delight and gratefulness that I express my deepest thanks and heartfelt appreciation to the strenuous efforts undertaken by the experts of East African Road Funds, to launch the East African ARMFA Focal Group website installed for the very purpose of conveying vital information dealing with the multi-faceted thematic issues that our focal group is mandated to share within its members and stakeholders.

Consistent with trend in most developing countries over the last few decades, most countries of East Africa, which are grouped under the East African ARMFA Focal Group, pursued reforms in road subsector with the aim principally of separating policy roles from actual delivery of road management functions. Most of these road funds were created out of historical problems facing the countries in terms of road maintenance. For so many years the maintenance of roads were neglected and a lot of resources were wasted because of deferred maintenance. Against this background ARMFA and its focal groups were established to serve as experience sharing forum for member countries. The knowledge that we share among ourselves is serving as a catalyst for innovation and creativity

It is evident from the knowledge and experiences shared at our focal group, especially in road maintenance financing have yielded positive results with visible gains. In fact the ARMFA, East African Focal Group’s deliberations feed into ARMFA Executive Committee meetings and ultimately, the continental body’s Annual General Assemblies. To this end, this website is an essential platform through which Road Funds of East Africa interfaces with each other, their umbrella Association- ARMFA, and all stakeholders who are concerned with the road sector development of countries included in the East Africa ARMFA Focal Group.

At last I hope that the full-swing operation of the website will significantly transform the Focal Group’s communication within themselves and stakeholders at large. Moreover, the website will be a forum for public information through which the East African Road Funds avail all the necessary information to their stakeholders and partners. With this background everyone is warmly welcomed to learn more about the East African ARMFA Focal Group in the following pages and related links.

Last but not least I once again would like thank the Experts of the different East African Focal Group who have been involved in the development of this website. I am also greatly indebted to the Kenyan Roads Board and its CEO Eng. Jacob Ruwa for hosting this website.

Thank You Very Much.

Rashid Mohammed
Director General of the Ethiopian Road Fund, and
Chairperson of the East African ARMFA Focal Group